• First please look for your answer here.
  • If it's not here, please email and someone will get back to you shortly (during normal, PST business hours).
  • Please do not call the store. Please note we have a small staff, therefore, please have compassion and practice patience.

Where is my package?

We know you're excited to get your package, but once it's out of our hands we have access to the same shipping information as you do. Please refer to your shipping notification email which gives you the most update to date tracking from USPS, DHL, ePacket, etc. (Because all we do is check the same link we sent you).

It says delivered, but it's not here!

Unh-uh, this is the worst and we deal with this too! Please wait another 48 hours and if it hasn't arrived please email 99.9% of the time it appears the next day and you would have blown your chakras all out of wack for nothing.

Someone stole my package, will you replace it?

Since lost and stolen shipments are beyond our control and are the sole responsibility of the carrier once it leaves our facility, we recommend contacting the carrier directly to start an investigation on your package. We do not have any control on how long this process may take and we are unable to replace, or refund lost or stolen packages. Unfortunately, since we fulfilled our end of the deal by packing and shipping your items we don't replace stolen merch. You can however make a claim with USPS.

How do I place a return?

In the rare case you want to return something please read our return policy and how to start the return process. 

I saw something on your social media account and I can't find it on your site!

Please visit our homepage and look for the search bar at the bottom. Use the search function and that will help you find what you're looking for.

If it's not there, then we don't sell it online. We only offer a curated collection of our goods online for now. A lot of the items are handmade by artists and they are sensitive about their stuff so they will only make a limited number of the item. 

When will my favorite item be back in stock?

We try so hard never to be sold out, but supply chain gets tricky and our fans snag our goods fast! Click the NOTIFY ME button on the product listing page and you will get an email as soon as we get new stock.